Welcome, Savages!

Hello! Welcome to Selvaggio Cosmetics blog! I am so excited that you are here on this journey with Selvaggio because you will be getting all exclusive treats with being apart of Selvaggio family!

So, some of you are probably wondering..."What does 'Selvaggio' even mean?"

"Selvaggio" means "Savage" in the Italian language. With our brand, we define a "savage" as being fierce, unstoppable, passionate, and strong as a lion. Here with Selvaggio Cosmetics, everyone is welcomed no matter where you come from. Being a part of this communtiy comes with assurance that you will not be a prisoner of your past. The future is a gift and that is why it is called "present". You are strong, you are fierce, and you are a SAVAGE.

Here in the Selvaggio Community, you will have FULL ACCESS to How-To tricks, makeup tutorials, and everyday makeup, beauty, and fashion looks using Selvaggio Cosmetics FREE of charge!

So, if you would like to be featured on a blog post with Selvaggio Cosmetics, there are just a few steps you have to go through to be approved for a feature:

1) Make sure you own a product of Selvaggio Cosmetics

2) Take a snazzy pic of your Selvaggio Cosmetics product on any social media platform of yours (i.e. Faacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

3) Make sure you tag us!

Instagram: @selvaggiocosmetics

Twitter: @selvaggioinc

Facebook: Selvaggio Cosmetics

*BONUS* Shoot us an email with your name and picture of you with Selvaggio Cosmetics product @ selvaggiocosmetics@gmail.com for a DEFINITE feature!

Can't wait to see you savages rocking Selvaggio Cosmetics! See you on the next post!

-Embrace Your Inner Savage! xx

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