In December 2017, my older brother, Anthony Josiah Jones, was murdered at the age of 20. Gun violence is not a matter to be taken lightly or to be nonchalant about and if not stopped at once, it could get worse. But Selvaggio Cosmetics wants better and wants to help put an end to gun violence.

With the  "Josiah Foundation" which will help create a program for young men and women worldwide to stay away from gun violence and to have an abundance of safer and educational programs to keep our young ones out of the streets and we also plan on using donations to help as many families who suffer with the loss of their loved ones from gun violence.

To place a donation for the Josiah Foundation, please click on the link below.

Selvaggio Cosmetics thanks each and every one of you for your donations- big or small. All donations matter and we appreciate your support. Help us make our communities a better place!